Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am in LOVE ladies!!

I am in love and its not with a guy. *( Well ok I do love my boyfriend but that's besides the point. It's with Ocean Salt cleanser from Lush Cosmetics . Now I told you I was a little late jumping on the Lush bandwagon and didn't buy my first Lush product until a few months back, if you remember from my Review. Well anyways. I got the Ocean Salt a few weeks and am HOOKED, real TALK. I actually already ran out because I got the smaller jar and CAN NOT WAIT to go back and get some more.
   First of all. I have always had skin problems. I already use a certain face wash which does it job for the most part clearing up my major blemishes, but I still have always had a TON of blackheads. Which just STINKS. I get them on my nose and the whole area below my mouth ( like above my chin and on my chin) I also get black heads on certain spots on my cheeks and my forehead.  Now when I got this cleanser I was not even thinking about my blackheads, to be honest I got it because I had a sunburn and was peeling and needed to exfoliate BAD!  So i picked this up. I actually got it at Marshall's, I love that store BY THE WAY. I was shocked when I saw a LUSH product in the cosmetic section at MARSHALL'S , it was the only LUSH product their or else I would have scooped up anything else lol.  Anyways got it to exfoliate and when I got home I saw it was for "body and face". Normally I am a little skeptical to try out anything on my face since it's kind of sensitive and nothing but Proactiv has ever really worked to begin with.I figured what the heck and slathered some on my face and neck and worked it in. First I noticed how nice it smelled. The ingredients says it has Sea Salt, Grapefruit  and fresh lime extracted in vodka as well as fresh Avocado butter.Then I noticed right after I washed it off how SOFT my skin felt, almost immediately. Anyways I used it for a couple days and noticed that it legit loosened up almost all my blackheads and brought them to the surface, where I admit I was able to get them right out of their, wicked easily with no problems , no digging at my face, and no red spots. I Know for a fact that its because of this face wash that that happened. I have had these blackheads for years and they are STUBBORN. Sometimes I can get a little out but NEVER like I was able to with OCEAN SALT.  Also my skin looked balanced and left my skin feeling so clean. Sometimes the face wash that I normally use doesn't leave my skin with that fresh and SO clean feeling that we all love and search for. 

     Now the reason I got this in the first place was to get rid of the dry skin that was peeling after my sunburned healed. It did work for that, but I only got the small jar of this and my sunburn was legit all over, so I could not use it every where I would have liked to, for the simple fact that I wanted to save as much as I could for my face. I would def recommend this product to any one that wants help clearing up their skin. Ya def use it on your body as well, but for the price if your buying at Lush I would defiantly use it just for your face( Unless of course you get the bigger jar, then GO NUTS! lol. So ya ladies I am hooked. I give this an A PLUS in my book. Needless to say I was VERY impressed with this product!!



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sigma Professional Makeup Brush Kit GIVEAWAY @ Pink Dandy Chatter

Head on over to Pink Dandy Chatter for your chance to win some Sigma brushes. I know how much you all love these awesome brushes. And the contest is so easy to enter, so you have nothing to loose. 

Ahhh I would love to win these myself, but if I don't I would LOVE if one of my awesome readers had the chance so RUN over there and enter your pretty little faces off! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Smoke Stik Alternative to Smoking Review

Hi Ladies,
     I want to give you some back round on a bad habit that I have struggled with for many years. That habit was smoking and I tried to quit many TIMES, with no luck. I hated the smell of it and especially what it was doing to my body, loading it up with all those icky nasty chemicals.Not to mention that at $8 a pack I was literally throwing away money. At the mall not to long ago I saw them advertising an electronic cigarette and I became very interested in this device. I contacted the company Smoke Stik and we partnered up to do a review. First things first, the customer service is excellent. Which is KEY to me when working with a company as well as purchasing their product. 

     The wonderful people at Smoke Stik sent me a great starter kit. I received the Pink Limited Edition Starter Kit. Whohoo! Every one knows that I love pink. The kit came with:

  • (2) Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
  • (1) Charger & AC Adapter 120v/240v 
  • (3) Cartomizers (Variety)
  • FREE Carry Case 
  • FREE USB Charger
 This kit retails for $99.95, But I can tell you how to get it for even less. Also they donate $10 for every Pink SmokeStik Kit Sold, to Breast Cancer Research.

The batteries are pink with a white cubic zirconia gem at the tip that lights up with a clear white light. They also sent me a few other goodies such as : The Smoke Stik Jet, which has a black battery and the tip is grey and lights up orange, resembling a real cigarette.  

I Also received the Hendu-Elite- which is stainless steel with a purple gem at the tip.

    So now that you have seen my goodies let me tell you a little about this product. First of all for the product to work you need a Cartomizer. The Cartomizer's come Five in a pack.  One Cartomizer is equivalent to approximately 200+ puffs. SmokeStik Cartomizers produce more vapor and a more realistic feeling, so it is actually like your smoking a real cigarette.  Instead of nasty chemicals what your really smoking is a mist or vapor. This vapor is created as propylene glycol glycerine and food grade flavorings are vaporized by a tiny component called the atomizer. They do contain nicotine if you wish and they come in full flavor(16mgs), medium(12mgs) and light ( 6mgs). You may also get them without any nicotine at all. They come in black,brown, stainless steel and white. 

 I received the menthol flavor as I normally smoked Newports and I smoked a pack a day at that. Can I just say that I have not purchased a pack of cigarettes since I received my kit. I thought that I would fly through the pack of cartomizer's, But I still have a few left. Not only have I stopped smoking regular cigarettes, but I have severely cut down on how much I even reach for the electronic cigarette as well.  None of this would have been possible if it was not for Smoke Stik. Can I just tell you how much money I have saved.  Can I even tell you how good my hair and clothing smells now that I am not smoking nasty butts. Can I tell you how much better I feel. No more gross coughing or hacking up, which is not VERY lady like to begin with.  Also because SmokeStik Electronic Cigarettes do not generate any real smoke or flame whatsoever, they are not subject to fire codes, secondhand smoke laws or smoking prohibitions, at the moment, which means if your comfortable with it you can pretty much smoke these anywhere.  At the end of the night I just plug my charger into the wall, hook my battery up to it and let this baby charge while I am sleeping. ( It really only takes 3-4 hours to charge your battery anyways) Lots of celebs have actually been spotted using the Smoke Stik as well. There are many brands of E- Cigarettes out there and many to choose from. However after doing my own research Smoke Stik came out on top. They are also the most stylish ones I have seen thus far. 

Please note: I am not condoning smoking in any way shape or form. I am simply stating my views and my beliefs as well as sharing my experience that I had with Smoke Stik. I want to let those of you that smoke cigarettes know about this other option that is available to you all. I want you to know that if your addicted to smoking cigarettes their is another option available to you. One that I have found to be a much healthier choice for me and one that fits my life style a lot better than the alternative.Also, as you know smoking is NEVER good for your skin. It causes pre mature ageing  and the cigarette smoke just does damage to your skin in general.It also makes your nails and teeth yellow. As you can tell from a previous review I am a huge fan of whitening teeth. I probably would not have had to whiten my teeth so much if I had switched to Smoke Stik before.And you all know how I feel about fresh breath( as stated in my last review), well with Smoke Stik I no longer smell like an ashtray. Which lets face it, whats sexy about that? Nothing!!!

 Please remember that you must be 18 to smoke to begin with and I am not encouraging starting up smoking if you do not already smoke. Please remember that these do contain nicotine but that you can order them without nicotine as well. I ordered the Lights and I can compare it to actually smoking a real light cigarette. On my next order I will be ordering the ones with no nicotine in them. I have cut myself down so much and am truly grateful for the wonderful experience I have had with Smoke Stik

     If you would like to check them out and order from them please head on over to :
Electronic Cigarette Smoke Stik

Also while your at it check out their Facebook page and keep up to date on all the latest news and goodies that they have to offer.