Friday, January 25, 2013

Purex Baby Detergent

Hey all,
Its been a while. I took more time off then I intended to with the birth of my son ( who is now 14 months old by the way). I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and I have enjoyed spending every minute of every day with him. Being a first time mom is the most wonderful experience I have ever had. I never knew I was capable of loving someone so much. With that being said I have somewhat become one of those neurotic mothers. You know, one of those moms that is always looking for " The best of the best" for there child. I constantly read reviews on products before I use or give my son things.

       “I am a Purex Insider and help spread the word about the Purex® family of laundry products. As an Insider, I receive sample product and incentives in exchange for participating in brand related activities.” So when they approached me to try there Purex Baby detergent I jumped on board. Prior to this I had used a few different things to wash my sons clothes, but buying this other " Baby laundry detergent " ( which shall remain nameless) got way to pricey. So over the past year I had just simply been using regular Purex for my sons clothes and I used the same for mine. I wash our clothing separate but as I said use the same detergent. It is just cheaper that way. Purex is a brand I have trusted for years and had no doubt in my mind that this detergent would get the " ANDREA MOTHER SEAL OF APPROVAL".

 The first thing I noticed about the detergent when opening it up was the nice clean smell. It reminds me of " a clean baby". Now who doesn't love a clean baby? I love the fact that its hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.  That makes me feel comfortable that I am only putting THE BEST on my son. I love the fact that its CHEAP. This detergent will NOT cost you an arm and a leg. Do NOT let the cheap price fool you though as it is anything but cheaply made. My son and I's clothes have come out smelling wonderful and fresh. So the big question" How do our clothes look". At first I am always skeptical with products that are so fairly priced because I think to myself" How could something so cheap possibly be good". Well believe it ladies, IT DOES THE JOB. Yes it manages to remove all the gunk from my sons clothing. You know all that gunk that comes with having an active toddler- ya that gunk.

Anyway keep a lookout in the stores for this amazing product. Or better yet enter my giveaway by leaving a comment with a laundry trick or tip of the trade. What detergent do you currently you use? Comment anything as long as its laundry related. For an extra entry Like Purex on Facebook and comment below with your Facebook name. I will be picking the winners Feb 1rst .  Thanks all and I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. There will be lots more to come, especially from Purex and other great brands like it.