Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lia Sophia & giveaway if you order

So I just love Lia Sophia they really do have the best jewelry.  I had some amazing items from them and lost them when I moved. I am hosting an online party. It is so simple all you have to do is click the link above and make sure to put " Andrea Dimario " when it asks for the hostess name.

The only thing you will love more than the jewelry is the fantastic deals and that is a promise. I really CAN NOT decide on what pieces I like the best. There is just too many too choose from that are all so awesome. Luckily though they have some amazing specials. My good friend Katie is getting her Lia Sophia business up and running and is loving it so far.( If you are interested in becoming an advisor I strongly suggest you contact her or me by simply leaving a comment in the comment box) Also even hosting a party online or at your house is going to help you get some of the most amazing hostess gifts I have actually seen in a while.

 I really wanted to do a catalog  online party for her so I could share with you ladies all the great deals as well as the jewelry that they have. Did you know that All jewelry is 100% guaranteed for life. You may return it at anytime for a replacement. Yes I said that right, so your bracelet breaks and you say" oh well I will just throw it away" NO!!!! You get in touch with Katie and she will take care of it asap ( the jewelry they sell is of such high quality that I find it hard to imagine they have many returns, but I love the fact that they are so confident in the products that they sell that they are willing to back them up for as long as you own it.

Some of my favorite jewelry off the site is:

( That is only $28 thats a steal right there, especially if your going to do the special)

( again another steal at only $32) 

    September is coming to an end! Where did time go?? Well what would Lia Sophia be if they did not offer the amazing specials that they do? You ready for the September Special? It sounds a little too good to be true, to the point that I had to double check with her that I had it correct. So here is the special:

Buy 2 of your LEAST expensive items at full price and get up to 4 at 50% off. And if you spend $80 you also get to choose any piece under $100 from pg 4-15 for only $10!

50% off up to four items is just crazy especially when your pairing it with your TWO least expensive items. Also by spending $80 you get to take advantage of getting jewelry thats just under $100 for only $10...Thats pretty much like getting it almost free. And like I said if you want to know how to get  FREE Jewelry then hosting a party is your  best bet. Remember this deal is good for September .

Thats not all for deals...Check this out..There is an awesome Bonus Special that you can get straight from the advisor: You must contact her directly if you want the special in the box below. Her info is:

Katie Hunter
Lia Sophia Advisor

Basically Theres certain items that if you buy you can get four for free. As I mentioned You must contact Katie for this deal. Other wise just order as normal from the site and be sure to add " Andrea Dimario" as your hostess.