Friday, August 9, 2013

Purex Softener Sheets Giveaway and Review

     I am a Purex Insider, which is pretty much awesome. They just sent me a box of there Fabric Softener Sheets ( Which I have a few to giveaway BTW)

     There is nothing I love more then the smell of Fresh Clean laundry. Who does not love slipping in to a freshly laundered bed, sheets still warm, smelling nice, and just sooo clean. Well I love it. In fact I could not wait to try these bad boys out when they arrived in my mail. First thing I did was wash the bedding. They sent me Sweet-Lavender they also have them in Mountain Breeze ( which I can not wait to try. I checked Target and my local market for these and they did not have yet. The website says they are available at Walmart. I will have to go in there to get more when these run out. I always throw like 5 in especially with towels. Thats probably over doing it, but hey.

Dryer sheets can be  used for a bunch of things too, not just your laundry: I use them to dust my baseboards, I stick them in my draw with my socks and undergarments etc.  I also have heard if you have a Swiffer and are out of dry sheets that this will work. I have not tried it but can see how it would work. You probably would want to use more than one. I have used them to dust the tv screen too and it helps a lot.

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