Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My favorite products Part 1 & Review

So we all have that go to product that we just can't live without right? Mine is Crest White Strips.
 I Have been using them for years. And I can honestly say that they work. My Teeth are WHITE! They have all different levels now, where you can even get 2 hour whitening strips. I use the original ones. They are the cheapest and although they take more time, I find that they work great. I have used the 3d White and the Advanced Vivid and they work great as well. I get compliments on my teeth all the time about how white they are. I hate to admit but I smoke and you could NEVER tell by looking at my teeth. I pop a white strip in when I am getting ready doing my makeup in the morning, or sometimes even when I am tanning.  The original ones are guaranteed to give you whiter teeth in just two weeks. The advanced Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid, you will start seeing results after 3 days, which IS ALSO TRUE.
I did my first kit about 5 years ago where I did them every day for two weeks. Now since I did that, I just Maintain and buy a box and just slap one on whenever I want a touch up. 
I have to mention that some people do notice sensitivity with their teeth after using them. For me that is not the case, but I do know people that this has happened to, so just a heads up if your extra sensitive.
Wanna see what you would look like with a whiter brighter smile? Head on over to :


It lets you upload a picture of you and shows you what you would look like if you used Crest White strips. Pretty cool.
 Have you girls used these before? What do you think>?
Heres a picture of me. Note the quality isn't great on my camera, so they don't look as white as they could, and I don't have any before pictures since I have used them for so long lol..


  1. Just visiting your blog... very cute page! I plan to visit again:) Would love to have you stop in at my page as well. Best to you and continued growth on your blog! Best, Heidi

  2. they are white and nice! i tried them...i'll have to get more:) looking good doll!

  3. you guy's teeth are amazing!! is that just from using the crest strips???

    If so I am definitely getting a pack

  4. @ Heidi- Thanks for checking my page out! I went to yours now follow u as well..

    @ Vic- Thanks hunn

    @ Crest White strips:
    Hey ya I use them..And my mom I know she has tried them before but not sure if she is as faithful a user as I am..

    Look forward 2 getting 2 know all of you threw here and making some new blogging friends =)

  5. I gave you an award. I hope it sends some traffic your way!

  6. I got a whitening treatment done at my dentist's office and it was horrible. It cost me $500 and really hurt my teeth, but the worst part is that they really aren't white anymore (never were as much as I wanted). I've heard a lot of good things about the Crest White Strips, I may have to give them a try soon.

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