Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I think that in today’s day and age, there are so many clothing stores out there, and so much to choose from. A lot of the stuff is the same ol same ol. So I LOVE when I happen to come across unique clothing. And that’s exactly what happened when I came across  A Touch Of Blood  . This is a cute store on Etsy that I came across on accident, and boy was I glad. The owner has some of the best original pieces of clothing, that you wont find anywhere else. Her designs tend to show off female empowerment. She likes her work to show off women being depicted as strong,powerful and in control, but at the same time being sexy,beautiful and delicate. She even says that “ She doesn't think you have to sacrifice any of these traits for another” Which is so true! And this is what her clothing is all about.

The owner's name is Cassandra is so sweet. She agreed to work with me on a review and I was so excited. We chatted up some and I found out that she has a background in art and her clothing is just more than clothing. You know how some shirts we buy off the rack are mass produced? Not at ATOB, not even close. Her clothes are wearable art, limited edition and hand made one at a time. Everything she has is hand numbered and autographed.

 The shirt she sent me to review was the “ Murderous Tee”. I honestly love this shirt. Its unique and original. Her site states that This is the first shirt in a series based on modern day vices. It is about the glamorization of violence.” I love how the girl on the front looks powerful and in control. The quality of the shirt was excellent. I ordered a large because shirts tend to ride up on me which I hate, and I was nervous that that would be the case with this one. I was so happy to see when opening up the box that the shirt was nice and long, which I LOVE. It is soooo sooo hard for me to find shirts like this. Ladies, I know you know what I am talking about. You bend over and your whole back is exposed, leaving your goodies for every one to see. Not the case with the shirt she sent me. Its longer and is actually very slimming, and I can even see myself wearing it with leggings.

 Another favorite of mine from ATOB is the “ Customizable Angel Wings Hoodie” Actually I am in love with this hoodie and I haven’t even seen it in person yet. Its simply my style. It has pink and white angel wings on it. Pink is my favorite color and I LOVE anything Angel Wings. I also found out that As a holiday bonus, you can add a custom name directly under the left chest embroidery design for no extra charge in the same pink thread. Each hoodie is custom made to order so allow time for this. You can even pick the font you want your name to be in. How cool is that. I knew you ladies would love this. Its such a hip look.Head on over to her site and check it out. Her prices are Very reasonable and you get nothing but quality clothing ! No cheap material, no raised graphics on the tee's. So stand apart from the crowd and get some designer pieces from ATOB.



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