Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am in LOVE ladies!!

I am in love and its not with a guy. *( Well ok I do love my boyfriend but that's besides the point. It's with Ocean Salt cleanser from Lush Cosmetics . Now I told you I was a little late jumping on the Lush bandwagon and didn't buy my first Lush product until a few months back, if you remember from my Review. Well anyways. I got the Ocean Salt a few weeks and am HOOKED, real TALK. I actually already ran out because I got the smaller jar and CAN NOT WAIT to go back and get some more.
   First of all. I have always had skin problems. I already use a certain face wash which does it job for the most part clearing up my major blemishes, but I still have always had a TON of blackheads. Which just STINKS. I get them on my nose and the whole area below my mouth ( like above my chin and on my chin) I also get black heads on certain spots on my cheeks and my forehead.  Now when I got this cleanser I was not even thinking about my blackheads, to be honest I got it because I had a sunburn and was peeling and needed to exfoliate BAD!  So i picked this up. I actually got it at Marshall's, I love that store BY THE WAY. I was shocked when I saw a LUSH product in the cosmetic section at MARSHALL'S , it was the only LUSH product their or else I would have scooped up anything else lol.  Anyways got it to exfoliate and when I got home I saw it was for "body and face". Normally I am a little skeptical to try out anything on my face since it's kind of sensitive and nothing but Proactiv has ever really worked to begin with.I figured what the heck and slathered some on my face and neck and worked it in. First I noticed how nice it smelled. The ingredients says it has Sea Salt, Grapefruit  and fresh lime extracted in vodka as well as fresh Avocado butter.Then I noticed right after I washed it off how SOFT my skin felt, almost immediately. Anyways I used it for a couple days and noticed that it legit loosened up almost all my blackheads and brought them to the surface, where I admit I was able to get them right out of their, wicked easily with no problems , no digging at my face, and no red spots. I Know for a fact that its because of this face wash that that happened. I have had these blackheads for years and they are STUBBORN. Sometimes I can get a little out but NEVER like I was able to with OCEAN SALT.  Also my skin looked balanced and left my skin feeling so clean. Sometimes the face wash that I normally use doesn't leave my skin with that fresh and SO clean feeling that we all love and search for. 

     Now the reason I got this in the first place was to get rid of the dry skin that was peeling after my sunburned healed. It did work for that, but I only got the small jar of this and my sunburn was legit all over, so I could not use it every where I would have liked to, for the simple fact that I wanted to save as much as I could for my face. I would def recommend this product to any one that wants help clearing up their skin. Ya def use it on your body as well, but for the price if your buying at Lush I would defiantly use it just for your face( Unless of course you get the bigger jar, then GO NUTS! lol. So ya ladies I am hooked. I give this an A PLUS in my book. Needless to say I was VERY impressed with this product!!




  1. Wow, this looks like an amazing product! You make me want to try it.

  2. Is it wrong to admit that I have to smell it before I know if I could use it..sounds great but some of the scents just don't work for me. Glad you found something you love !

  3. I have this its AMAZING!! My only complaint is that it is quite harsh on the skin if you don't rub it gently, apart from that I love it! Great reviw, keep it up xxx

  4. this sounds fab, you've made me want to try it too!

    Alice x

  5. wow if you think it's so good... maybe i should try it out next time I'm in lush

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  7. Literally best product ever <3