Monday, July 15, 2013

Beyond The Rack

I wanna tell my ladies about this cool website Beyond The Rack Basically they have all sorts of goodies for everyone, women, children, men and home. The best part is you can get credits. Like if you sign up under me I get $10. ( so you can then in turn do the same) I know some bloggers that are getting orders legit FREE ( like expensive stuff too just from people that have signed up under them). There is some stuff I totally want on the site, and if all I have to pay is shipping I am a happy camper.

Heres some hot stuff they have now:

These are only $11.99 and they are originally over $40. I guess the site sends promo codes to your email that you can add to your cart without even buying it ( you just put something in cart add promo code and delete item and promo code still stays in there, so say its for $10 then boom theres another 10 you have added to your credits. SO I have never shopped here before but a lot of bloggers talk about it and I have read about it and I am DEF giving it a shot now. I just read one of my favorite bloggers post about all the stuff she got for literally free ( except shipping). SO I am jumping aboard this train. ( Fairly late I assume LoL)

Even for kids they have this kitchen for only $169.99 , normally almost $400

Anyways so many cool things I want to order and we can help each other out ( no catch) just sign up under my link( literally takes one minute)

Thanks ladies 



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