Monday, January 10, 2011

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Ladies, We should all embrace our inner beauty and the beauty that we hold within. Have a look at some before and after pics of celebs who have re-created and enhanced their looks, with plastic surgery. What do you think? 


  1. I support those who want to get/have had plastic surgery. If it makes you feel better, why not? It's especially great for those who have broken noses, burns, etc.

    However, plastic surgery is not for everyone... A lot of people do it for the wrong reasons. :/

    Great post!


  2. Kate you are right =) I agree..Have u seen that new show Bridalplasty??? About the brides competing??


  3. Cool post. Wowsers I can't believe Holly's before! I must admit the after is much better.

    Yaya @

  4. I think when people get plastic surgery on their face, they all look the exact same!

  5. It's not for everyone, indeed. A lot of work is done in a plastic surgery procedure, when you consider the preparation required before, and the recovery period after. Also, you need to know what works for you and discuss that with your surgeon in order to achieve effective results.