Thursday, January 20, 2011

LG Kompressor LuV300B Vacuum Cleaner Review

First off I want to thank Leanne from, who held a giveaway a few months back for the LG Kompressor LuV300B Vacuum.  I happened to be the very LUCKY winner of this amazing tool and I am ohh so happy. I moved into this apartment in June and only had a small Vacuum that was only good for light vacuuming. So when that winning e-mail came, you can imagine my surprise, Even called my boyfriend at work to tell him the good news. 

     The Vacuum came last week and was shipped to my mother's house. I have  to say she was JEALOUS at this WIN! And even begged to buy the vacuum from me. NO WAY! I did let her borrow it for a day to ease her jealousy and show off my fabulous new WIN!
     So it was love at first site! No doubt it bears the name LuV300B! And it stands true to its title! It is stylish to say the least. Living in New England and having snow does a number on my carpets and floors. All the debris and dirt from our shoes is making a mess of my house these past few months. With the LuV300B I am finding the solution to my every day frustration of a dirty floor. This Vacuum has so many features. 

Product Features

  • Motorized compression system to compact dirt and greatly reduce the dust cloud when emptying the bin- At first I was thinking that I wasn't picking up that much dirt because the bin seemed like it wasn't getting filled as much as it did with my old vacuum. However when I emptied the bin I noticed something different. The dust was all compressed together in a tight pile, it wasn't loose and all over the place. It's so cool because when your vacuuming you can actually see inside the canister the air compressing it together. 
  • DualForce + technology enables two additional air pathways plus an enhanced motor picks up more dirt and debris across a wide suction area
  • The Click 'N Go Wand detaches easily and gives you up to 15 feet of reach for easy cleaning from floor to ceiling- I cleaned the fan in my bathroom which was a dust magnet and was disgusted at how much dust was actually up there. 
  • The 40 foot long reach cord means changing outlets less frequently- I can literally vaccum my whole apartment using the same outlet! I love that I do NOT have to keep changing outlets when cleaning!
  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America- This is awesome since my BF has horrible asthma/

 It collects 3 times the dust of a standard vacuum and this makes me one happy girl!! The suction on this baby is amazing!  I don't have any pets but my mother has a dog and you should have seen how much dog hair this vacuum picked up. She said that two days before she used my vacuum she had spent an hour and a half cleaning her whole house with her current vacuum( which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent! LoL) anyways she used my vacuum two days later and the canister was filled to the max! She couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe it either since this vacuum compresses so much its actually hard to fill. My mother's a very clean person and I couldn't believe the amount of dust and pet hair that the LuV300B picked up from her house. My apartment is smaller, but this vacuum is every home owners dream. 

The only downfall to this vacuum ( If I was forced to find one, is that is kind of bulky. It's not hard to push or anything but if your picking it up to go from one room to the next it is kind of heavy. 

A  +++++ !!

These are my opinions and my views. I was not paid or asked to write this review.


  1. My father would have loved this machine. I once gave him my credit card and told him to go buy whatever he wanted. He came home with a vacuum.

    I told Mom he must have been a great wife....

  2. Norma- Haha Thats so funny! Cracked me up!! How cute is your dad..Thats hilarious!