Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pureology Essential Repair Review

Pureology Essential Repair Review     

I live for hair products. I am constantly looking for anything that will make my hair look great. I use a flat iron and blow dry my hair daily, which as you know can take a toll on your hair. Pureology was kind enough to send me some shampoo and conditioner from the Essential Repair line. The site says that the Essential Repair line  :

 is designed for colour-treated hair in need of intense repair, strength, and colour protection. Our vitamin-infused formulas fortify hair and deliver vital nourishment with protein-rich soymilk and pure biotin.
 Organic botanicals of nurturing olive oil and chamomile help restore softness and healthy shine while theZeroSulfate® shampoo and AntiFadeComplex® maximize colour retention.

 I have been using it for about a week now, and I love it.
 First of the smell is fantastic. I found out that that comes from a blend of 
Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Rosewood.

 My hair looks great after I blow dry it. 
I haven't colored my hair in a few months and the color was starting to fade, after using Essential repair its like my hair got a breath of new life. 

Note I will be coloring my hair in a few weeks, and then we will put this to the ultimate test to see if it helps my color stay vibrant. I had used Pureology years ago when I went to a certain salon that sold it.

 Now I am wondering why the heck I would ever switch brands.
 I often switch up my shampoos and conditioners,
 but I can almost assure you that I am committing to Pureology for sure this time. 

I love that I don't have to use a ton of shampoo as this really lathers up nice. The conditioner was perfect and does not weigh my hair down at all. 
AMEN to that, because I love to have body in my hair and CAN NOT STAND when my hair looks heavy and weighed down.

Every one's hair is different and Pureology has something for everyone. They have a Hydrate System , 

which is great for color treated hair as it nourishes and protects your color.

They also have a Pure Volume system, which is ;

 designed for colour-treated hair in need of soft volume, 
moisture, and colour protection.

They also have a few more systems such as :

The site has even more great products, something for everyones different needs and conditions. 

 All Pureology products are 100% vegan, which is an added bonus.

I love feeling like I left the salon every time I do my hair and thats exactly what I get every time I use Pureology. 

Visit www.pureology.com to see where you can buy Pureology as it is found exclusively in salons. 

Please Note I was sent products to review, all opinions however are my own and I was not influenced in any way. 


  1. This stuff is great, my stylist uses this on me and I LOVE IT!