Monday, December 29, 2014

Rimini Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer Review

Rimini Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer Review

Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with hair. I have been forever. People often ask if I am a hairdresser.  When I was approached to review the Rimini Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer I literally jumped at the chance. My hair loves a nice blowdryer and I knew right away that Xtava would be a quality company.

     I love  that it is available on Amazon which makes things so much easier. Do not let the affordable price of $29.99 fool you as this is not a cheap blow dryer by any means. 

This dryer gives a whole new meaning to the term " lightweight" . I legit have never blown my hair out with something so light. My best friend is a hairdresser and could not believe how much this thing weighed.  She is thinking of purchasing it to use on clients as well. I am trying to convince her to switch from her ultra heavy blow dryer to this and I think I may have finally put the bug in her head last night after she used this for the third time . She said she is waiting to see how it lasts before she purchases and I told her from past reviews I have read as well as what I am going on now , combined with the price that I have a good feeling about it. Only time will tell though. 

     The Rimini has three heat levels as well as two power levels.  It also has a Cold Shot button which I love. This combined with my medium sized round brush and some Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry primer honestly my hair has never looked better. 

As you can see my hair is pretty short , but not short enough to not need a blow dryer. In fact blow drying my hair is one essential to my daily routine and I feel naked if I do not do it. I actually am so in love with my new Rimini dryer that I just sold my older blowdryer on the yard sale site this past weekend. ( And anyone that really knows me knows I had a sick obsession to that last blow dryer ~!


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