Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Hey all! Thanks to every one that followed me~
I am trying 2 figure out all this HTML stuff..
Also..Can any one help..I normally have been entering contests & following people via GFC under my email address( like when it asks if I want to follow some ones blog I sign in with My yahoo email address..Which is the only email address I use..Well anyways Now I made this Blog and for Some reason Now like I have two login type things..( like basically It shows me following some peoples blogs twice..One under ANDREA and another under Andrea D..But there both linked under the same email address..I know This is probably confusing and I'm prob confusing every one LoL..But If any one could help me that would be great.. Like for instance for my blog now that you guys are reading it says I am not following any one..But I know for a fact I am following all you guys..Just it must be under my different Login! But its the same EMAIL address that I use to sign in! Basically I want to just have one..The original one that I have been following peoples blogs for months now has like over 100 blogs that I am following!I don't know..So if I didn't confuse You all half to death then comment back and tell me whatsup b4 I go nuts ha-ha

Oh and Heres my Swag Bucks Thing..How Do I get all these things on the side like you guys have??
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  1. Hey! Do you have a FB we can chat ? =)

  2. Adrea if you click on your dashboard at the top you'll see a list of all the blogs you're following. On this page to the left show the people who are following you "7" soon to be "8" which is me! :) Sorry I can't figure that other problem out for you. But check your dashboard in case you're mistaken. I any event I hope you'll come visit and follow my blog too. You can't have too many friends and I hope you'll consider me one if anymore questions - I'm at mstz807 (ataol) (dotcom). Good Luck!


  3. hey ya send me your facebook name so I can add you =)

  4. To get the buttons and things on the side when you go into design or customize and you see add a gadget you add the button etc and then drag the gadget box to where you want it to go. If that doesn't make sense email me I'll be happy to help.

    I am NOT new to blogging but I am new to blogging about reviews and give aways (except for my own personal stuff) anyway I am now following you as well and here is a link to my new blog

  5. When I started blogging, not that long ago, I wanted to learn all the technical bells and whistles. I read everything, bookmarked a zillion pages teaching me things, and then started doing blog hops, memes, and weekly things. I still have to learn how to do the technical stuff. That is my back-to-school list.
    Doing reviews and contests etc you should be more technically versed than hobby bloggers (me) but still remember to have fun with it.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog! Good luck! There's a wealth of info out there I've learned. So fun too!

    I'm following you too!

  7. Kathy Thank you!!=)
    Also thanks to all of you that are following so far! I know my page isn't much yet! But I'm trying! haha

  8. Dogs Mom..Is there a way to follow your blog?? I wanna make sure I am following u all back =)

  9. Thanks for following me, now following you back. good luck on your giveaways!

  10. giveaways are always great! count me in!