Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hope you had all a great day!
Watching Bad girls Club right now..These girls are CraZzZy! I am addicted to the show though. What can I say?  HaHa
Anyways..I enrolled back in school today..I only have 4 more classes left to graduate.( just with associates for now) So I am excited..I am taking 2 this semester..and 2 next..
Are you all in school? working? Let me know..I wanna get to know you..and to interact on here..
I am trying 2 work with a few places for giveaways right now! We will see what happens..Keep ya fingers crossed.
Thank you all for commenting/following...etc..


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and the follow!

    I am now following you and looking forward to checking in often :)

  2. hello Andrea!!! :-)

    i <3 the bad girls club!!!! omg i've bee dieing w/out cable i dont get it till the 7th! it was the earliest they could install it to my new place.. sad face.. but its okay i've been really busy. but thank God for HULU haha i can watch it @ work =]. thats good your signed up for your classes yey! im sure you'll be done super duper fast =] good luck hun. i finished cosmetology school so i do it on the side. for full time i work for a hospital doing finacing so its a sweet job =]. take care hun!.

  3. I love the bad girls club too! Thanks for following my blog! :-)

  4. ya Hulu was the best! I used 2 use it when I didnt have cable too =)

  5. Fingers crossed for you getting contacts for a giveaway! Have a great day!

  6. Hey doll! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :) I'm a new follower. Good luck with your new blog!