Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to THANK every one for following me so far and all your great feedback! been super busy this week so have not got around to do much..Anyway Wanted to tell you about this awesome site..

I actually write deals for there site..( I am telling u guys simply because I like it..I get nothing out of promoting it or anything..But basically it posts the hottest deals on the web everyday..lots of stuff thats 40% or more..From TONS of awesome stores..
You can actually see the deals That I post Here:

Thats a direct Link to all the ones I have wrote up..So I am always searching the net for awesome deals, things on clearance/etc..
So next time your doing some online shopping..Def take a look at and see if the item your looking for is on sale somewhere! Actually right now there even having a fan appreciation contest and there giving away a Lauren Merkin Lotte Suede Clutch..You can check that out here:

U need to enter by the 30th I believe so Hurry up!!

I think in the meantime since I haven't started doing any reviews yet I am just going to be blogging about every day things..Sites I personally like..
I got a few goodies that I won yesterday..One being LASH 28..Its supposed o help my eyelashes grow! we Will see what happens! I am keeping my fingers CROSSED, because its all the new rage..These Lash conditioners that make your lashes longer and thicker! So last night was my first night trying it out! Hmmm Maybe I should do a before/after picture so I can review the product on here if or when or even if I don't start seeing results!

I wanna hear from you ladies too!...Whats your FAVORITE SITE out right now???
( hey those links I left I tried adding it so you guys could just click on them But they ended up just not showing up at all when I actually added the link threw the link button! So i when back and just put the regular link..Sorry U might have to just cut and copy it if You wanna check the sites out!


  1. i love

    its so hilarious

  2. Meee too! It is one of my favorites! So Funny! Thanks 4 commenting on my blog!