Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You 2 all my Followers!

Wow girls!
Already at 28 followers.I know its not hundreds but ya know what?? I am VERY HAPPY! And I appreciate your help! Please let me know here If you followed me and I didn't follow you back yet!
There are sooo many amazing blogs out there, sometimes I just honestly get lost for hours reading all your blogs..
Thanks for everyone's help so far!
I have gotten a lot of advice already and am working with other sites to get more info about doing giveaways/reviews etc!

So what did you all do this weekend? I saw that new movie Takers, Surprisingly I was at the edge of my seat at points and it was pretty good! You didn't know who to root for or what!

takers Pictures, Images and Photos

Also the Town is coming out in a few weeks..Looks great! Mainly because I am a sucker for Movies that have anything 2 do with Boston!!!


  1. Hi Andrea,

    Congrats on your followers' list. Currently, you already have 30 followers, including myself. hehe Anyway, good luck on your plans on running some contests/giveaways here. Would love to hear about that. =)

    money making mom

  2. Hola Andrea,

    This past weekend I was in school...I am taking my last class session of my graduate program. So busy, but these two years flew on to the real world...scary! :S Glad you had FUN!

  3. hello i do the same i just read blogs and keep clicking to keep finding very interesting people :-).. nice blog i will be following b you =]

    thanks for following me =] take care and we'll keep in touch through blogs =]

  4. ommg thanks for following and commenting! lol, and of course, you never know what could happen in high school;always gotta be prepared! ha

    and yes im very knew, just started about a week or two ago, its really fun though! its amazing how many followers you have! i only have 4 ha but im grateful!

    heres my email since you gave me yours :] or

  5. Hey darling im your newest follower! That makes 43 woop woop. YAY!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog for a hair straightener if you'd like to enter thanks!

  6. congrats on all your followers! your blog is great, so you defo deserved them! I'm following you now also and look foward to seeing what other great stuff you'll be posting :)