Wednesday, February 2, 2011

At Home Beauty Treatments

Hello Ladies~ Hope your all doing amazing and staying warm. If we get anymore snow I might just freak out..Anyways I thought I would do a post on some " At Home Beauty Treatments " that I compiled from the web. Check them out. While I haven't used all of them myself, I narrowed it down to some that seemed that we could benefit from the most.
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Sugar Scrub
You don't need an expensive product to exfoliate away rough patches of skin. 
Both sugar and salt make excellent exfoliating scrubs.
 Simply mix salt or sugar with olive or soy oil until you get the desired consistency.
 Add in a few drops of scented oil and you have an inexpensive and effective scrub.

Eye Makeup Remover

If you run out of eye-makeup remover, look to your kitchen for the solution. 
Olive or grapeseed oil can be very effective for this purpose.
 These gentle natural oils break down the solids in mascara, and they nourish the delicate eye area at the same time. The oil can also help condition lashes =)

Cellulite No More

After your morning coffee, save the grounds. Place in a small plastic container, mix with about 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Bring it in the shower with you and after your skin has been rinsed completely, take a small amount into your hands or you can use a bath sponge and place on any areas that have cellulite. You can use the extra treatment for knees, legs, elbows, and bottom of feet. Massage gently and let stand for at least 5 minutes. Shower well with warm water. Your skin will feel energized and incredibly soft.

What are your favorite at home tips and remedies? Leave a comment letting me know


  1. Hey hun, thanks for following me. I love sugar scrubs and usually buy a green one from LUSH for about 3 quid, stupid really because i have all the products to make my own! Thanks for the tips! xx

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  3. I need to try the olive oil for eye makeup remover! Sometimes my eye lids get irriated with the store bought stuff. Great tip!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the eye make up remover, I am grateful as I find even The Body Shop brand a little overpriced.