Monday, February 21, 2011

Products I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT and have been using for YEARSSSS!

While these products surely aren't new to the beauty world, they are in my" survival kit" of products that I really can't live without.
 So before you say there not new and up and coming ,I must tell you that I cannot live without them.

What are your all time favorite products or brands
 that you are very loyal to?

Without this my SKIN is a mess. I tried it when I was 16 and it didn't work for my skin. I tried it again at age 21 and It worked miracles. I had such a hard time with my skin. Although my skin IS not Perfect and probably never will be. This has FOR the most part cleared up my skin to the best of its ability. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! and I MEAN EVERYTHING! 
I have to be careful what I use for makeup on my face or my skin will break out.



bareMinerals is another  MUST HAVE IN MY BOOK..It helps to keep my skin clear. I Love getting the starter kit when I run out because it comes with the brushes and the brushes alone are expensive. So its almost worth it to me to get the starter kit. When I wear this makeup I often get compliments. It looks so natural and if thats the look your going for then I would suggest you give this a try.I know that I could use this even better if I took my time, I know that some of you gorgeous ladies MUST have some tips on making this work better. Don't get me wrong, I know how to apply it but I know their are some tips and tricks of the trade that I could sure use to maximizing this

Jergen's Natural Glow

Here is another product I have been using since it came out. I love having a healthy glow and tanning isn't awesome for your skin ( ahh I admit its a guilty pleasure of mine though). When I can't get tanning I use this. It now has a firming aspect to it, which I can honestly say Has worked on my Legs. I like to use this whenever I get out of the shower. 
If I remember to use it for a few days in a row I end up with an awesome healthy glow that looks like I just came back from Vacation.
 I like it because its so natural and doesn't look streaky. 
 Just wash your hands after you use it because it can leave 
a little color on your hands thats not so pretty.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Blow Dryer

This one Is newer to my " can't live without" collection. I won this in a blog giveaway  a few months ago and I love it. I was looking for a salon quality blow dryer without paying the money and I ended up winning this and I have awesome results with it. While I would love to have a $200 blow dryer , this works for now and I am loving it!!If your looking for a new blow dryer but don't want to spend all the money go for this. 


  1. great post! I love the look of the bareMinerals kit, I'm planning on getting myself one next time I go shopping :)

  2. Great list, I love the Jergens..didn't know about the firming one, but I'll be looking for that. I just bought my first bare minerals product, the mineral far I love it!

  3. I really like jergens body lotions, have never seen the natural glow range though- hope they launch it in the uk soon!

  4. Never seen Proactiv before but it sounds really good! I must check this out! I love jergens :o) xx

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  7. Thanks for joining Good Friends Just Click- I'm GFC following. Hope to see you next week!

  8. We also can't live without Bare Minerals! It only came to the UK a few years ago (eeeek!). Jergens is awesome too <3

    T & J


  9. so glad u stopped by my blog because im loving yours and am so excited to follow it now!

    i have never tried proactiv because in the past i never broke out...BUT, here i am getting older and my breakouts are frequent! i dont get it?!?! so i am hoping to try something new... maybe ill give this a shot!

    hope u had a great weekend!

    <3 megan

  10. i haven't opened the maybelline mascara yet but i've heard that its pretty good! i'm glad that proactive works for you, i haven't tried any of their products yet but i want to ^^

  11. lovely post! I'm still tryna make my BE work for me.. I think my problem is that i use too much.. But the only reason I use too much is coz i don't feel it gives enough coverage.. I like the finish of it at first but then it starts cracking almost.. not pretty