Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chobani Greek Yogurt Review

So as you can see my blog is a little bit of everything! Which some of you may like, some of you may not. I just keep it real all the time. And hence the name " Andrea's Thoughts", these are my thoughts..100% off the time. All the time. My latest thought. Chobani Yogurt . Its my new favorite thing. Chobani was nice enough to send me a sampler pack with one of each of their flavors. It was like Christmas in my house. I had tried Chobani before but not all the flavors. If you have never tried Greek Yogurt before, I suggest you start here.  Sometimes you have to acquire a taste for Greek yogurt, and I don't like some of the brands( wont mention any names- we all have our personal preference, and mine is that Chobani just happens to be my favorite Greek Yogurt. I love that its affordable.
 They are $1.00 at my local grocery store. 

Some might think this is pricey when it comes to yogurt, because you can find other brands for $.50 or 2 for a $1, but other Greek Yogurts are more expensive. 

     So since they sent me 12 different flavors, I thought I would share some with my mother,boyfriend and co-workers. I gave the 2 plain ones to my co-workers, since I didn't think I would like them. Well I guess I missed out because they both added a little granola to them and said it was the best! MmMM I will have to buy it now, next time I go shopping. My mother got the peach since she never tried that one and again SHE LOVED IT! My boyfriend who is the classic all American Boy and won't eat anything remotely new or hip, tried the Strawberry Banana. He liked it, he said it was a little tart, but again I think he just has something against things that I like! haha!!.. I tried the honey for the first time since i heard so many awesome things about it ( my moms a huge honey fan) and mmMmMm that hit the spot right away for me!! I thought Hmmmm a yogurt that tastes like honey might be kinda gross. I was wrong AGAIN! It was absolutely delicious! The  pomegranate one I loved the taste but the little bites of pomegranate in the yogurt were a little crunchy for me.  This doesn't mean that I don't like it, but just being real with you all that if you don't like crunch this might not be the flavor for you! The strawberry banana is my favorite I  have to say ( I have tried it before, and I MADE my boyfriend share it with me) It has real nice big fresh chunks of REAL STRAWBERRY AND REAL BANANA IN IT!! Best strawberry banana yogurt I have ever tried. Most strawberry banana yogurts are just flavored for taste, this one however is the real deal!! So fresh and delicious! START with this one if this is going to be your first time trying CHOBANI! I promise you will COME BACK FOR MORE!The Black Cherry is another big hit in my household!

 I can't say enough good things about Chobani! It is super thick and creamy. Every cup of Chobani has 20 percent of the daily calcium requirements, five live and active culture. So thats a plus, not only is it yummy but it's good for you too!  Also there are No preservatives and No artificial flavors. It even has twice the protein of regular yogurts. Sooo what are you waiting for?? Put this on your shopping list for your next grocery trip. Click here for some awesome coupons for Chobani , so if it's your first time and your unsure, print out a coupon and save away! You have nothing to loose! Like I said Greek Yogurt isn't for everybody. I happen to love it and this just happens to be" Andrea's Thought's " on the great Chobani Yogurt!


     Disclaimer/Disclosure:  I received free products as described above in exchange for my review.  I received no monetary compensation.  This is my honest opinion, and was not influenced by the sponsor in any way.


  1. I do like how Greek yogurt is healthier than regular ones, but it's very hard for me to get over the texture because it's so thick and gloopy. I get this brand too though when I do buy Greek yogurt :)

  2. Great post...thanks for sharing honey:) By the way just wanted you to follow my new site too coz I don't write on my blog if you like my posts plz follow me there too:)

  3. Never tried this yogurt but I might have to give it a chance!

  4. Oooh i do love abit of greek yohgurt , i must try to find these at my local supermarket :o) xx

  5. Ohh I actually love them! They've become a staple in my fridge.

  6. Thanks for the nice comment sweetie, you're so lucky you get to receive yummy yogurts! i love yogurts it makes me feel healthy and sometimes i make it my diet snack especially at night. Hehe:-)

  7. Hey thanks for following my blog. Newest follwer here too. Great Posts!

  8. Love Greek Yogurt, I purchase it from our local dairy whenever I can. Granted it's a bit more expensive at 2.09 a piece, but in my opinion it's so worth it. Have never tried Chobani before though. Glad to hear it's good.