Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beauty Products I wanna try

As if I don't have enough cosmetics, and like my boyfriend wants me to buy 
more,lol. I know I am very behind the times with some of these and to some of you they may be old " News" LoL..I know I know, need to step my game up a lil right girls"? Haha..ok..Ok..

 However, I do have a list of things I NEED to try LoL.. Some of them are:

I Know, I am probably the last person out there that hasn't tried these.
Don't judge haha..

Something about this mascara makes me want to try it. It prob won't work like I hope it will, as mascaras usually do not meet my expectations

Also some beauty advice please to my ladies out there. I live in NEW ENGLAND and its freezing here and as a result my lips are anything but SEXY & Luscious  right now. I have used a million different chap-sticks and such and when you dig threw my purse your bound to come up with a handful of two things. Loose Change & Lip Gloss. Anyways, I need to stop experimenting and just find the deal on whats going to work. My lips are like dry and gummy ( if that even makes sense..There not cracked so bad just kinda peeling in some places. It doesn't look gross( I promise LoL) But it bothers me..SO HELP ME OUT~ Whats gonna save me? Advice please..And Hugs & Kisses

And with that I leave you with this:


  1. Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Thursday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for following! I felt the same way about the falsies mascara too. I think it was the thought that maybe it could actually make my lashes look huge and "falsie" but it didn't =( I was really disappointed in it =( I have tried every mascara imaginable and the one I keep going back to is the Maybelline Collosal. It is truly amazing =)


  3. Hey

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog :)

    Love yours, its super cute :)

    I love the Maybellines Falsies mascara, I find that its sort of best when you've used it for a little while, as sometimes your lashes can look a bit spidery looking, but after its dried a little bit, I love how it makes my lashes look. I still keep tyring more mind. Just can't help myself :)


  4. cute post!!
    love your style...=)

  5. hey :) just stumbled across your blog and am a new follower!
    I am currently using maybelline falsies and when its fully broken in am going to do a review ... i think its fab! although weird application - all will be revealed!
    my favourite all time lip product for soothing lips is M.A.C.'s lip conditioner SPF 15 (the plain non coloured one). You wouldn't think it, but I find this works better than any other (and I've tried A LOT!)

  6. I ♥ all of living proof's products! You won't be let down.

    The falsies mascara, I'd say you can skip that purchase. I'm the same way, mascaras hardly ever meet my expectations. I either have to double up by using two different ones to get the effect that I want or just pop on false lashes!


  7. I love a good beauty product post. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about the Maybelline mascara as well. I'm definitely going to follow you! :)


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    Have a super week,

  9. I like my Sigma set of brushes, and the falsies mascara is good for an every day work mascara, but definitely not that great. Let us know how you like it.

  10. Great blog! Loving these hops!

    Please hop on by!
    XO - Jami
    i m a g i n e

  11. I haven't used Sigma either so you aren't alone.

    How about some vaseline on your lips? I always resort to that in the depths of winter. x

  12. Thanks girls

    @ Tiff- I know I was kinda hoping it would give me that false lash effect too! Thats why I wanted to try it ..I am always looking for that effect and can never find it

    @ Jo- I know what u mean when I find a product
    that I am not so sure of, I still give it another chance, that way I can experiment more with it and sometimes I end up liking something I originally hated.

    @ Lila- Can't wait to read your review when you do it =)

    @ beautiful- Ya I wanna try Living Proof MOST DEF!!

  13. Thanks for following my blog!!
    I have to tell you, Falsies works like you think it will....and more!! I love it. My Sister turned me onto it while we were staying at a Hotel together. I had my usual mascara (that I thought was ok), but she let me try her Falsies, I rushed right to the store to buy some when we got home!


  14. Hi there, enjoying your follower to you (and thanks for stopping by mine). I'm about to post a Sigma brush review, you will have to take a look. I have to give the falsies a thumbs down, too wet for me. I loved Smith's Rosebud Strawberry Salve for my lips, very moisturizing and soft pink tint..lovely :)

  15. As for the sigma brushes i still havent tried them either:( But i will soon:) The Falsies mascara is awsome

  16. I love sigma brushes!! I was really latte on them too! lol better late than never