Saturday, January 10, 2015

Orange you glad you did not use some cheap self tanner?

I have always been so sketched out about self tanners. In fact I always used tanning booths then recently I started to get spray tans ( which get very expensive..Trust me) So when I was approached about reviewing this product I knew this was up my alley as I have done reviews on Tanning lotions before but never a self tanner.

     First off I love the box. Its amazing. So cute, you can take one out at a time at the bottom which is so easy for me.  Each towelette was individually wrapped thank God.  ( did I mention they shipped super fast which is a huge bonus for me ?? Cuse sometimes I need that tan like ASAP* I know you ladies know what I mean)

I used this product on my face which I was nervous at first but am glad I did because it eliminated foundation from my routine for  bit ( super easy) Best part was " I was NOT ORANGE "

Some things you should know:
DONT SHAVE 24 hours before applying. Also whenever you get a spray tan or what not you should always exfoliate take off that top layer of skin for an easy smooth application that looks and feels natural.  REMEMBER : ANKLES AND FEET. ELBOWS AND KNEES. THESE ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS WHEN IT COMES TO SCRUBBING BEFORE AN APPLICATION. I like to do straight out of the shower ( make sure you pat yourself dry really good) Take a wipe,or two or even three ( depending on what you want to do ) and start to apply. YOU WILL NOTICE THESE ARE ODOR FREE AND GO ON CLEAR so DO NOT be ALARMED as it will dry quickly anyways. Please do NOT rush into throwing some clothing on though and my personal suggestion ( what I do when I spray tan anyways is to wear something baggy like sweats ( if you do this at night and you will just be home anyways) No matter what you should wait at least 10 minutes before you get dressed anyways...I forgot to mention since these are half towelettes you can customize, for example just do your face, or even your legs, or arms. Its up to you. Do your whole body though but if you are nervous like me then try your legs first ( its winter so if you mess up (which you won't) know one will notice. At least not here in Boston where it is below zero so no one is seeing my legs anyways.

* You can notice this within four hours and the great part is if you want a darker shade you can even apply again. Score. Double Bonus points

*no uneven streaks or missed spots for me. You can have a friend do your back for you if you like.

* Always WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USING. AGAIN make sure to be careful around elbows and knees and knuckles as you don't want to get an icky color there.

* Today I was thinking of dropping almost $200 for a self tanning spray package at my salon. Thank the Lord I did not. The price on these you can NOT beat.

Something I can assure you is that with this tan towel you will not be looking like this. So Do not worry ladies.

Please head over to Amazon because today they actually have it retailed for under $13, ( its normally $50. DO NOT LET THE CHEAP PRICE FOOL YOU. THIS IS ANYTHING BUT A CHEAP PRODUCT. YOU HAVE MY WORD ON THAT*

Also check them out on Facebook and give them a Like while you are over there. They also have a twitter which I myself follow as well Follow them here to stay up to day on what they have to offer. 

*Thermalabs sent me this to review for my HONEST opinion. These thoughts and opinions are all my own and  I was not influenced in any way to write a positive review*

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