Saturday, January 3, 2015

Super Youth Eye Gel Review


I love reviewing eye gels so when Tomoson offered to have me review Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel I took the chance as they sent me this product free off charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

A little about the product  from their Amazon page:

  • ALLURE MAGAZINE'S Best In Beauty Eye Gel - It's considered to be the most effective anti aging, eye cream treatment available- designed to treat every major eye concern & is hands down the best eye gel for dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles. You know it is going to be a good product if Allure is recommending it. 
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN Types - Non-comedogenic, does not contain parabens, sulfates or alcohol.
  • THIS EYE GEL (not eye cream) is specifically formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes to reverse the signs of aging.
  • CRUELTY FREE & vegan formula - This eye gel treatment is not to be underestimated as it's highly effective at reducing dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
  • THIS EYE GEL is 100% natural & 75% organic - OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti aging products on the market - OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well - We guarantee you'll get results!

NOW on to what I thought:

I liked it. I have reviewed some eye gels and creams in the past and have been happy with them all so far. This one I really liked though because it has a light cucumber scent ( which does fade after you apply, nonetheless its pleasant and not overpowering.  I also like the fact that you can use on forehead and other areas that concern you, so to me it does double duty which is a plus as it cuts some other products out of my nightly regimen.

    I get many sleepless nights due to insomnia and I love having this as I swear it helps with puffiness and bags due to lack of sleep.  I like that I can apply this and not have to wait forever to apply makeup ( I do use morning and night by the way) I also noticed that unlike some other gels I have used around my eyes this does NOT cause my under eye concealer to crease or anything like that.  I feel like the skin around my eyes is also brighter which maybe I am crazy but I think it makes my eyes stand out more and look more noticeable ( which is a plus since I have a boring hazel eye color)

I do have quite a few eye gels and creams in my beauty cabinet right now so I do have a few more to finish up before I will repurchase another eye gel , But I have to say when I am all out I would consider purchasing this one again as the price on Amazon is not bad at all. ( depending on what seller you purchase from the prices can range from around $30 down to a very low $17.49


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